Civilian C2 TASER Training Course


C2 Taser

Civilians NOW have access to the same less-lethal technology afforded to Law Enforcement Officers around the world!

In the State of Florida and many other states now, civilian TASER’S, non-lethal weapons systems may be lawfully carried and used, consistent with some local restrictions. The simple fact is a TASER can be more immediately incapacitating than a 9mm wound. Take that from someone (John Goldsboro) who has experienced this so other students don’t have to. Furthermore, we strongly believe that more people will be more willing to TASER an attacker effectively than might ever be prepared to shoot another human being. Police‐involved shootings have dropped remarkably across the country since the advent of TASER and its increased judicious use in capturing violent felons

The TASER International C2 TASER is an electronic control device intended to give civilians the same TASER technology utilized by law enforcement officers nationwide as a less lethal alternative to self defense and temporarily render an assailant incapacitated.

C2 Taser Diagram

The new TASER C2® series has almost 100% effectiveness rating. It combines the injury-reducing benefits of traditional stun technology with the gigantic stopping power of Neuromuscular Incapacitation (NMI) technology. The newest police studies show, the new TASER C2 has a higher instant incapacitation rate than a 9mm hand gun. The TASER C2 shoots out 2 darts attached to 15 feet of wire. 50,000 volts travels through the wires and overrides the central nervous system for up to 30 seconds, providing an incredible advantage to drop the device and get away!

TASER International backs their product so much, when the device is used in a self defense manner and a police report is provided, the C2 TASER will be replaced for FREE.

Location: To Be Announced

Course Price: $70.00
Course Times: 3 hours
Course Instructor: This course is facilitated by a Certified NRA Firearms /Certified Taser Instructor.

This course was designed to afford citizens a certification class and behind the scenes look at the incredible alternative, NON-Lethal, benefits of the TASER International C2 device. The dynamic course culminates with a voluntary exposure to the unique Advanced TASER technology. S1 Executive Protection Training TASER C2 certification course will enable the student to carry and deploy the TASER C2 weapon delivery system in a safe and effective manner.

There will be a written test at the end and a demonstration of scenario based physical techniques competency.

This course offers a voluntary exposure to the electronic control device and can moderately physically demanding. Any health concerns (Heart, Respiratory, etc) should be addressed before attending. Please consult the instructor and your doctor if you have any questions.

Notice: To ensure safe and responsible ownership the TASER C2 requires the input of an activation code before the Taser C2 becomes operable. Prior to activation a TASER representative will speak with you by phone and complete a mandatory background check. Once completed in minutes your TASER C2 device is activated and ready to protect you. As ALWAYS purchasers must be 18 years of age or older to purchase.
Taser International

TASER C2 Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are TASER electronic control devices considered firearms?
No. The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms have stated that TASER ECDs are non-firearms in 1998 and in 1994.

2. What is a TASER C2?
A TASER C2 is a personal safety electronic control device that can stop threats up to 15 feet away. It works by launching out two probes up to 15 feet from a disposable TASER cartridge. The probes deliver a scientifically designed electric signal that makes muscles lock up, therefore temporarily incapacitating an attacker for 30 seconds so that you can get to safety and call 911.

3. Are TASERS a lethal weapon?
No. In fact, TASER devices have been proven statistically to dramatically reduce injury rates to suspects and police officers as well as to increase personal safety and community security compared to any other use of force option. However, TASER devices are not risk free and may cause injuries, primarily from falls or physical exertions, so their use should be taken seriously.

4. Are TASERS more dangerous to people with pacemakers?
Both the human heart and pacemakers are able to withstand the power of a defibrillator that emits around 300 joules (“joolz”) of energy. A TASER emits less than one joule of energy. TASER devices have been used over one million times by either TASER International or law enforcement without causing a single death.

5. Is the TASER C2 the same model that law enforcement officers use?
No, law enforcement agencies use the TASER X26 and the ADVANCED TASER M26 that are only available to law enforcement. Those units are capable of recording data useful to officers in court. The TASER C2 is a consumer model that utilizes the same technology and stopping power in a smaller size.

6. Please describe the required activation background check process / How do you prevent selling a TASER to criminals?
A TASER C2 is shipped out inactive and you will need to pass an ID verification and a felony background check to get the activation code. TASER International has taken on the task of screening the purchasers to make sure convicted felons can’t activate a TASER C2. You can do this over the Internet at or if you don’t have a computer, you can do it over the phone 1-888-827-3788 and a trained operator will give you the code that is unique to your TASER C2 to unlock it. Once your TASER C2 is unlocked, you will never need to do it again but there is a $9.95 activation fee that is good for up to ten units.

7. What are AFID tags?
AFID stands for Anti-Felon Identification tags. Each cartridge contains 20-30 of small, confetti-like tags that have the serial number of the TASER cartridge imprinted on them. If a TASER device is misused, the police will find these tags and can use them to identify the owner of the TASER device that was used.

8. Is it legal to carry a TASER?
Yes, but there are some limitations. You cannot carry any TASER device on an airplane (it must be in your checked in luggage) or take them into public buildings like courtrooms or in some schools. If you are over the age of 18, they can be legally possessed in 43 states. You currently cannot possess a TASER device in DC, HI, MA, MI, NJ, NY, RI and WI, as well as a few cities like Annapolis, Baltimore, Chicago, and Philadelphia. Some restrictions apply to CT and IL. Please check your local laws before purchasing or carrying any type of electronic control device.

9. Are there any restrictions to fly or travel internationally with a TASER?
When traveling by air, TASER devices need to be placed in your checked bags and not carried on the plane. Also, do not try to take it out of the country – please leave it at home if you are traveling abroad. Please check with your airline or other carrier for any new guidelines in advance of traveling.

10. Is using a TASER similar to shooting a gun?
Not exactly. There isn’t a kick or recoil with a TASER device but you will hear a loud pop like a balloon popping.

11. How many times can I use a cartridge?
TASER C2’s are packaged with one TASER cartridge. As each TASER cartridge can only be used once, you may want to consider purchasing additional cartridges.

12. How does the TASER shoot out the probes?
TASER cartridges use compressed and inert nitrogen to launch out the probes. TASER cartridges are a one-time use system and delivers the probes and AFID tags at approximately 100 MPH.

13. What if I miss my target?
The end of the C2 TASER can also act as a powerful contact stun device, which is a powerful backup capability.

14. What is the Lifetime Replacement Guarantee?
In the event you use the C2 TASER to defend yourself you can set the device down and run to safety. If the TASER C2 is stolen during your use of it for self defense, file a police report and send a copy to TASER International for a free replacement unit. Your life is worth more than the cost of a TASER C2.

15. Does the TASER C2 work on animals?
Law enforcement officers have successfully incapacitated vicious animals with various TASER systems. C2 TASERS were designed for human use, which is why the probes are deployed vertically. Most animals bodies are horizontal to the ground meaning you will have to adjust the way you hold the device in order to get both probes to hit your target.

16. Is there a warranty with the C2 TASER?
Every TASER C2 comes with a 90-day warranty that ensures that the TASER C2 is free of defects in workmanship or materials for 90 days from the point of attempted activation. Repairs/replacement of defective units during this 90-day warranty period must be repaired/exchanged through the manufacturer, TASER International. You may also purchase a one or three year “No Questions Asked” warranty during the activation process that guarantees TASER International will repair or replace any TASER C2 that fails to function for any reason for the length of the warranty.