FREE Firearms Safety Course for Pasco County Teachers


We are proud to announce that S1 Investigative & Protection Services will be offering FREE Firearms Safety Courses, and 50% off regular price of $70 Florida Concealed Weapons Courses for Pasco County Teachers in the months of June & July. The $35 includes classroom instruction and certificate of completion necessary to apply for your concealed weapons permit. The TEAM at S1 wanted to take the time to express our appreciation for all of the educators in the Pasco County area for their time and dedication to educate and mentor our students and future leaders in the community. This is our way of thanking you for a job WELL DONE!

The course is a (4) hour course and will be held at 136-B Whitaker Rd, Lutz Fl. (Corner of Whitaker and Rt 41 in Lutz). The course is Free for all School teachers who currently teach within Pasco County and are able to prove their eligibility. For those who choose to attend the additional CWP portion of the class, an additional hour at a nearby shooting range will immediately follow the class. As mentioned the course will be held through the month of July beginning Sat June 8.

Note: All Saturday Classes will begin promptly at 9:00am at 136-B Whitaker Rd, Lutz All Wednesday Classes will begin promptly at 5:00pm at 136-B Whitaker Rd, Lutz

We sincerely look forward to meeting and instructing each participating educator assisting them with learning the following information covered in our Firearms Safety Course:

  • Firearms Safety, how to safely pick up and unload a firearm
  • How to secure and store a firearm properly
  • Basic fundamentals and principles of firearms
  • Real-life Self Defense shooting Techniques

In our Concealed Weapons Permit Course:

  • Firearms Safety
  • Where you are allowed to / not allowed to carry a firearm
  • Florida State Law Statute 790
  • How & When to Shoot in Self Defense
  • Step-by-Step How to Complete the Application Process


The course will be instructed by S1 TEAM Lead Instructors , Retired New Jersey Trooper SWAT  Team member and Florida State Law Enforcement Firearms Instructor John Goldsboro Jr. (K1200068), and James Jacobelli (K2900067) Retired Army CID, Zephyrhills Detective and Florida State Law Enforcement Firearm Instructor, and other S1 TEAM Instructors.


If you are interested in taking this FREE course please register using the form to the right.

Disclaimer: The Firearms Safety portion of this course ONLY includes in-classroom training, (NO CERTIFICATE). The Concealed Weapons Permit portion includes a Certificate of Completion to be submitted to the Florida State Department of Agriculture for your CWP. There is also a liability and safety disclaimer that will be signed by each student participating. The course does NOT include range fees, gun rental, ear & eye protection or target. Classes are first come first serve and due to the limitation of classroom size, it is the Instructors discretion of each class cut off point.